Ursula ante litteram a erba.

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Ursula ante litteram a erba.

In the context of the French case protrudes a widespread form of intermunicipal participation in different Metropolitan agglomerations, thanks to which are coordinated and integrated policies and instruments for the use of the soil at different levels, policies to the regional natural parks and for the peri-urban areas.

ursula ante litteram a erba.

People such as Danske Bank would likely agree. In what refers to Italy, highlighted major achievements in some Italian locations and which can effectively understand doing an excursus by different standards and initiatives, public and private, without neglecting the respective implementing measures that have been attributed to agricultural practices a role of production of environmental externalities.

Deserves an important mention the case of Parco agricultural Sud Milano PASM : an agricultural Park that associates 61 municipalities in the southern part of the province of Milan to protect agriculture present in immediate vicinity of the city. Peering at the bases of the project in question is identified the importance that deserves study and understanding of the dynamics that accompanied the creation of the PASM, whereas two specific aspects: one of interpretive type, with reference to the legal and administrative regulations for correct application to land use planning; the other type of critic and valuation of the potential, limits and evolutionary processes that characterize public bodies with decision-making powers in the field of the Government of the territory.

This work could see a positive conclusion reprising the experiences reported previously and structuring them to ensure that they act as a valid tool in the identification of key elements necessary for implement, maintain and strengthen the peri-urban agriculture in the context Colombiano, which presents a situation ante litteram which is still not recognized this term as such, neglecting thus multiple connotations and the possibility of promoting the new role of agriculture in proximity to the planning of the urban periphery.

Une mobilisation des acteurs locaux pour le maintien d une agriculture qui preserve the biodiversite des local essences, Bergerie Nationale, Vernouillet, Donadieu Piere, Campagne Urbane.Ursula is a featured articlewhich means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.

If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Ursula is the main antagonist of Disney 's animated feature film, The Little Mermaid. She is a villainous cecaelia sea witch. After being banished from Atlantica by her longstanding rival, King Tritona scorned Ursula vowed to exact vengeance by harnessing the power of the king's trident and installing herself as ruler of all the ocean.

To accomplish her goals, Ursula strikes deals with unfortunate merfolk that will supposedly make their dreams come true, but are covertly designed to advance Ursula's own ambitions. Princess Arielbeing one such merfolk, trades her voice to Ursula in exchange for human legs. Should Ariel fail to uphold her end of the deal by winning the love of Prince Ericshe will be bound to Ursula, and thusly used as a bargaining chip for Triton's crown.

Modeled after drag queens and theatrical personalities of the like, Ursula's fervent confidence and flamboyance have made her one of the most popular and influential of all the Disney Villains. She remains one of the franchise's primary members in the years following her debut. Ursula belongs to a race of creatures known as Cecaelia. She states through a monologue that she once lived in the royal palace of King Tritonthe king of the underwater city of Atlantica.

She boasts that her previous life was lavish and included such spoils as "fantastical feasts. She was widely known as the "Sea Witch", an alias she accepted in stride. By orders of the king, Ursula was eventually banished from Atlantica and made her home in the remains of a leviathan lined with a garden of writhing polyps.

These polyps were merfolk who had previously gone to Ursula for help but found themselves unable to fulfill their side of the bargain, leading Ursula to claim them as her own and adding them to her collection.

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Ursula laments her distaste for her living conditions, despite having maintained all of her powerful black magic. From her secluded lair, she awaits the chance to get her revenge on Triton and become Queen of Atlantica by stealing the king's tridentan all-powerful weapon that grants its user control over the seas and its foils.

Ursula is aided by her two moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsamwhom she refers to as her "babies".

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In the original story, the sea witch is a neutral enabler, but for Disney's animated adaptation, the character was modified into a full-fledged antagonist and plays a larger role in the overall story. During pre-production, Ursula was not originally designed as a Cecaelia; a legendary hybrid of human and octopus. It was thought that she would be another species of sea creatures, such as a rockfish or lion fish, or would have a snake-like appearance, as revealed in The Disney Sketchbook.

The production team then saw a documentary about octopi and decided that their multiple arms and imposing appearance would be perfect for the character they were creating.

ursula ante litteram a erba.

Ursula is only drawn with six tentacles, due to the studio's budget and difficulty in coordinating eight tentacles though she has eight limbs if you include her arms.

Pat Carroll has stated that this makes her a squid, though biologically she still resembles an octopus far more than any other sea-creature. Moreover, a squid has ten tentacles, not six.

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Although, unlike most Cecaelia, Ursula is very obese. The character has been compared to Madame Medusa from The Rescuers in terms of style, dramatics, and choice of minions. Pat Carroll, Ursula's voice actress, envisioned the character as "part Shakespearean actress, with all the flair, flamboyance and theatricality, and part used-car salesman with a touch of con artist. During development, Vanessa's, Ursula's human alter ego, story arc went through radical changes as revealed by a leaked script online.

Originally, Vanessa's method of hypnotizing Eric was different; instead of suppressing his free will and eliminating his capability to display emotion, she let him have a broader range of emotion and gave him some free will.

The point of this sort of hypnosis was to influence Eric in Vanessa's direction and accept her over Ariel on his own, emphasizing deception over the brute force from the final film.

After Vanessa hypnotizes Eric, he introduces Ariel to her on the morning of the third day, announcing that they will be married by sunset.Immagini a volte sfuocate, storie in divenire. Cui prodest? Solo a me stesso. Qui del miele il regno. Ma soprattutto in quei luoghi arriva il miele di San Fiorano, utilizzato dalle pasticcerie cremasche per fabbricare gli squisiti dolci di cui Crema appunto va fiera.

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Pubblicato da gizeta a Ecco cosa scrive il Gabiano:. Senza seguire le istruzioni. Informazioni personali gizeta lettore accanito, viaggiatore curioso, musicofilo estremo, fotografo impenitente, poeta dilettante Visualizza il mio profilo completo. The soundtrack of a life Compito impossibile!

ursula ante litteram a erba.

Attraversando, come ho fatto, tutti o quasi i generi, non necessariamente in quest'ordine: musica medievale, classica, rock, progressive, soul, blues, punk, grunge, metal, country, ska, jazz, raggae, lirica, folk etc etc. Decine di migliaia le canzoni di una vita.Ursula is the main antagonist of The Little Mermaid.

She was Ariel's arch-nemesis, Triton's arch-rival, and Morgana 's older sister. Ursula is a very dark and sinister villain. Aside from this, she has a large sense of humor. Ursula is very manipulative and has a talent for making great sense and making persuasive points when trying to strike a deal.

Unlike many Disney Villains, most of whom care very little for their followers, Ursula puts her henchmen Flotsam and Jetsam before anything and everyone else.

ursula ante litteram a erba.

Ursula treats the eels like children and refers to them as "babies" or "poopsies". When the eels are killed accidentally by Ursula because of Ariel, she mourns and takes all of her anger and sadness out on Ariel and attempts to kill her once and for all. She is known to fill the heads of merpeople with deceptions; she feeds Ariel with the lie that men on the surface like silence in women, when in fact Prince Eric loved Ariel's voice.

Despite using contracts to get her way, Ursula has little regard for following her end of the bargain.

This is possibly due to Ariel being the cause of Flotsam and Jetsam's deaths. However, for a villain, she expects standards in her home saying to Ariel, "We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. Ursula wasn't even named in the fairy tale, is just called "the Sea Witch".

It must be noted that in the original fairy tale, the Sea Witch is unpleasant but not villainous. She gives warnings to the Mermaid and at her sisters' request, she provides her with a means of saving her life.

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The sisters even offer her their hair as payment but she turns them down. She wasn't described in any way, but the story is nearly the same: the mermaid falls in love with a human, so she disregards everyone's warnings and goes to the Sea Witch. The Sea Witch gave her three days to make the human fall in love with her, or she will turn into sea foam. When Ursula first appears in the film, she states that she once lived in Atlantica and was made queen by her brother, King Triton.

However, she was banished along with her younger sister, Morgana, because of their cruel ways and Athena was made Queen. She made her home in the remains of a leviathan, where she waited for the chance to get her revenge on Triton and become Queen of Atlantica again. The entrance to Ursula's home is lined with a garden of merfolk who had been previously gone to Ursula for help, but found themselves unable to their side of the bargain, leading Ursula to claim them as her own and added them to her collection.

Ursula loves destroying merpeople's happiness and love. Ursula commands Flotsam and Jetsam, to watch Triton's youngest daughter Ariel, who might be "the key to Triton's undoing".Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Ursula's first appearance in the shadows of her throne. Ursula's in glee when she finds out Ariel fell in love with a human.

Ursula looking towards her garden of polyps and imagining Ariel being added. Ursula promises that she helps all unfortunate merfolk like Ariel. Ursula explaining the terms of the deal to Ariel. Ursula laughs maniacally at her supposed victory.

And she continues to laugh, long after Ariel leaves.

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Ursula notices that Ariel's getting dangerously close to kissing Eric. She'll make sure to make her father writhe as well. After Ariel has run away in tears, Vanessa snuggles up with Eric.

Vanessa throws a projectile in excitement at her plot's success.


Vanessa's reflection in the mirror shows who she truly is. Vanessa's proceeds down the aisle clinging to Eric's arm. Vanessa finds a source of growling dissension in the crowd. Vanessa leans towards Eric, forcing him to say "I do". A squadron of birds, led by Scuttle, prepares to dive-bomb her. She gasps when seeing the group make a turnaround towards her. Dead fish makes for a good shampoo, but not when whole.

Vanessa tries to defend herself from the starfish, with a disgusted look on her face. Vanessa furiously throttling Scuttle as he kicks her in the face in self-defense. Vanessa is shocked that she now has Ursula's voice. Vanessa is thrilled when Ariel has turned back into a Mermaid. And Ursula takes Ariel with her when the sun sets. She is then confronted by Triton, who attempts to destroy the contract. Ursula's contract is legal though, and cannot be destroyed.

And so Ursula holds Ariel for ransom with Triton. So Triton sacrifices himself to Ursula, so that she becomes queen of the sea. Ariel tries to fight back, but Ursula has her cornered. So it's up to Eric to save Ariel with a poorly aimed spear to Ursula's shoulder. Angered by Eric, she commands Flotsam and Jetsam to sick him.

Ursula becomes a giant to reign terror on the oceans. Ursula's dark power begin to shift the very ocean around her. In the end, however, Ursula is defeated by Eric ramming his ship into her.Posta un commento. Il lato oscuro di Wikipedia. Le prescrizioni contenute nel cosiddetto Vangelo esseno della pace collimano in modo sbalorditivo con la pratica igienista digiuno, dieta esclusivamente vegetariana, combinazioni alimentari, bagni di sole, di aria e altre pratiche.

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Saint Ursula

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